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Rebuilt Meritor Transmission Heavy-Duty Units For Sale.

Quality rebuilt Arvin Meritor truck transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, PTOs and repair parts sold to owner operators and transportation industry professionals throughout the World.

Quality Rebuilt Meritor Transmissions.

When you need to replace any Arvin Meritor transmission give us a call. We can assist you in acquiring the proper rebuilt Meritor transmission for your application.

One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty on Rebuilt Meritor Units.

We Supply a One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty on all Rebuilt Meritor Transmissions. We also offer Meritor truck differentials and transfer cases at wholesale prices with World wide delivery and export.
Call today for pricing and information on your particular model.

We Supply a One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty on all Rebuilt Meritor Transmissions.

We stock rebuilt truck transmissions in most models and will also re-manufacture any truck transmission. We can also pick up and deliver your transmission for you or replace it with a rebuilt exchange transmission today.

We stock all Meritor rebuilt exchange transmission models and can also repair or rebuild truck transmissions from any manufacturer. We can rebuild your transmission for you or deliver a professionally rebuilt Meritor transmission to your door and we will send a truck to pick up the core when you’re ready and pay for the return shipping.

All Meritor units go through an extensive dis-assembly process, through inspection, high pressure cleaning and re-inspection process that looks at each individual part, gauge it and examines it for wear of any kind. Every gear is carefully examined and replaced with a genuine OEM replacement part if needed. Any other items showing signs of stress are also replaced with new parts. Sliding clutches, synchronizers, bearings, seals, gaskets, hoses and valves are replaced. Then each unit is reassembled, bench tested, dyno tested and verified to factory specifications in our remanufacturing facilities.

We offer:

  • Rebuilt Meritor Auto Transmissions.
  • Rebuilt Meritor Manual Transmissions.
  • Rebuilt Meritor Differentials.
  • Rebuilt Meritor Transfer Cases.
  • New & Used Repair Parts.
  • Power Take Off Units and Parts.

Our distribution and repair service partner network throughout the USA is continuing to grow. Currently, we have Meritor transmission distribution centers in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, New York, Texas, California, Nevada, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana and Colorado with additional parts distribution points all across North America and repair partners in all states.

Our centralized ordering system makes it easy for you to order the rebuilt Meritor transmission you need without having to deal with multiple people. One call to our Meritor transmission experts with your data tag number and we will make sure you get the correct model you need, setup the way you need it and delivered to your door fast. All rebuilt Meritor transmissions come with a one year, unlimited mileage warranty that is valid throughout the United States, Canada and the World.

Our rebuilt Meritor transmissions save you money in three ways. First, we minimize downtime with our vast stock of ready to install rebuilt exchange units stationed in distribution centers throughout the US. Secondly, we supply Meritor units with outstanding reliability and the confidence that comes from knowing that every worn or stressed part has been replaced with OEM Meritor replacement parts. Thirdly, in the event of a warranty issue, no matter where you are we can address it quickly through our centralized system and partner repair locations and extensive inventories of rebuilt Meritor exchange units and parts.

We offer rebuilt, new and used Meritor truck transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, power take off units and repair parts. By remanufacturing and stocking all Meritor models we are nicely positioned to help our customers all over the world meet their needs for fast reliable delivery and availability from their supplier.

Dial 855 844-SALE | 855 844-7253 For Remanufactured Arvin Meritor Transmissions.

Call 855 844-SALE | 855 844-7253 For Rebuilt Meritor Transmissions.


CALL: 855-844-SALE